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For specialist and traditional massage treatments

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Thai Spa Massage and Tanning,
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New! Thai Tanning 

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Minimum 3 mins £2
6 mins £4
30 mins £15
60 mins £20 (+15 mins free)


Discover - Enjoy

Two New Eclipse Stand Up Tanning Booths now available to Book!


Our tubes give the deepest, darkest tan in Chesterfield!
We know this because our clients tell us!

Discover how The Thai Spa Tanning experience is quite unique.

The Thai Spa has introduced new tanning equipment to give our loyal customers an all-round service. We hope you enjoy them and we promise you we continue to have your interests at the heart of this service.

Very Sensitive Skin typically red/blonde hair, blue/green eyes, very pale skin or would not normally tan in outdoor sun

Fully trained staff are present to advise you and ensure your safety. Most importantly, to provide you with a perfect experience

A personal consultation is available so we understand your skin type and any other factors which may need to be considered prior to treatments and services.

No under 18’s are permitted to use our UV services.

Now available

Eclipse Stand Up Tanning Booth